Webex Data Protection Agreement

Cisco`s Core Data Protection Policy does not contain words typically associated with video conferencing (conferencing, audio, recording, meeting, group). The word “video” is used once, but not for video conferencing. Cisco has a number of additional documents that are not presented directly to end users and that contain more detailed information about data collection practices. In addition, Cisco`s core data protection directive states that third parties that collect information may also combine end-user information from other sources. This has the potential to create a lot of data about anyone who touches a Cisco service. Cisco recognizes that, in some cases, they act as data controllers. However, they do not specize when this is at stake – or when it is not. (b) provide, after notification, the information and assistance reasonably necessary to the customer so that the customer can report the personal data protection breach to the information officer and/or data subjects in accordance with data protection legislation. .