Vic Parks Annual Holiday Site Agreement

If you are buying an apartment from a current or former resident, you should seek independent legal advice to find out if you have any other rights related to the sales contract if you do not wish to continue. Where such a site is located in a caravan park, that site is governed by the laws relating to land tenants and settlement agreements (and not caravan residents and residence agreements). You own the structure of the site, i.e. the cabin, and you pay an annual fee to use the land for holiday use. The tax covers the costs for 4 people who use the site. Other fees you have to pay are gas, water and electricity. They do not own the land and therefore have to enter into an annual agreement with the park. The big4 Wye River Holiday Park is also located right in front of the beach and offers a first-class real estate location at a fraction of its costs. What more do we want? A dramatic increase in the costs of land and ownership along the Great Ocean Road has led to a boom in demand for annual parking spaces in caravan parks. With holiday homes in a sort of coastal town that are now inaccessible for the average family income, the alternative of an annual website is a welcome relief. In principle, you own the structure on the site, that is, the cabin or caravan / annex, and you pay an annual fee to use the land for the use of the holidays.

In most cases, the fee covers the costs of your family using the land, water and electricity. Enjoy relaxing weekends and vacations in your own private cottage on beautiful Phillip Island. Pool side 2 bedroom cabin, with terrace and garden view.