Tenancy Agreement Leeds Beckett

Once you`ve signed a room, log in to the Downing Students Accommodation Hub to check your rental agreement for due dates. You must leave your accommodation before 10 a.m. on the “rental date”, as stated in your agreement. Anything that remains in your room after this period will be removed and disposed of. You can move in on or after the rental start date, as stated in your rental agreement. We will write to you close to time with more information about picking up your keys and our opening hours at the reception. Not all landlords or rental agents charge an administrative fee. If a landlord or rental agent has clearly determined the amount of their fees, you have the option of either consenting to the payment of their fees or bringing your habit to an agent or lessor who does not collect a fee. The conditions for early termination of your rental agreement are specified in the general conditions of residence.

Be sure to read them before you decide to accept. If you already have problems with a joint lease, please contact the advisory service for specific advice. Rent collection services are ideal for landlords who prefer to manage the day-to-day operation of the property, but leave us with the collection of rents. Landlords have access to a comprehensive rental tracker for payments throughout the lease, which offers transparency. There is no set date by which you can start looking for your next lease.